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Softball Trading Pins

Softball Trading Pins

Custom Soft Enamel Trading Pins

Soft enamel, trading pins are ideal for baseball, softball, hockey and just about every sport out there. Almost 99% of all trading pins are created using the soft enamel process. A soft enamel style pin is basically a die struck metal pin with raised and recessed areas. The metal plating will be the raised areas of the pin that separate the colors. The recessed areas of the trading pin are then filled with high quality colored enamels, coated with a clear epoxy coating and heated to cure.

Softball Trading Pins

Soft Enamel Trading Pin Pricing

  100 200 300 500 750 1000 2000 3000 5000 10000
1.25" $2.74 $2.61 $1.82 $1.26 $1.13 $0.88 $0.87 $0.86 $0.80 CALL
1.50" $2.93 $2.84 $2.05 $1.54 $1.45 $1.07 $1.06 $1.05 $1.01 CALL
1.75" $3.09 $3.03 $2.49 $1.90 $1.82 $1.33 $1.32 $1.31 $1.24 CALL
2" $3.48 $3.35 $2.76 $2.15 $2.00 $1.53 $1.52 $1.51 $1.49 CALL
2.25" $5.52 $4.68 $4.31 $3.56 $3.35 $2.97 $2.96 $2.93 $2.89 CALL
3" $6.84 $6.28 $5.47 $4.70 $4.47 $4.05 $4.03 $4.01 $3.99 CALL

Softball Trading Pins Softball Trading Pins

Do you want your team to have the absolute best trading pin at the tournament? Yes, an amazing design can make your pins very tradable, but nothing has them flying out of your kid's hands like a blinker, dangler, spinner, slider or bobble head. The most economical way to make your trading pin pop is adding a glitter color which is only $0.13 extra per color.

Softball Trading Pins

How soft enamel trading pins are made.

Soft enamel trading pins are a standard 1.2mm thick, which is about the same thickness of a U.S. quarter. Our trading pins are created by stamping a custom mold, striking it with a die and plating it with your choice of a gold, silver or black finish. The recessed areas are then filled with enamel paints and kiln fired to cure the enamel. A clear, epoxy finish can be added to ensure lasting quality.

All of our trading pins go through a strict quality inspection to insure they meet our standards as well as yours. The trading pins are all individually bagged for extra protection and presentation purposes. Be sure to order before the rush. It's always best to get your pins early instead of fighting the rush right before the tournaments.

Softball Trading Pins

At The Trading Pin Junction you can count on free artwork, free revisions, free molds, free UPS air shipping, and Free Quotes. You will generally see a proof within a matter of hours after submitting your information in the Free Quote form. If you have any questions feel free to give us a call at 855-471-6747 or email us at

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Softball Trading Pins Softball Trading Pins Softball Trading Pins Softball Trading Pins Softball Trading Pins